Pool Demolition Process – Video Overview of the Pool Demolition Process

Ever wanted to know what the pool demolition process looks like and how it works exactly? Prepared by the S.K. Choppin team, this video walks you through the entire pool demolition and removal process. We are proud of our team members that work on our projects, for you the client, and that you get to see a little of what they do everyday.

  • Starting with breaking the holes in the bottom for drainage and a place for the water to go when it get into the pool dirt,
  • Then to staging clean fill dirt getting ready to transport it into the pool
  • Next comes movement of the dirt into the pool to create a ramp to get into the pool with our equipment
  • Then we get out the big guns – the hydraulic hammer – to break the bond beam
  • Then the rest of the fill dirt goes in
  • Then….we’re done, clean up, final inspection, punchlist walk with our team and you the client.

Hope the video helps you understand what you can look forward to when you pick S.K. Choppin Demolition for your pool project.