Pool Demolition – How Pool Demolition Works – Part 1

Welcome to S.K. Choppin Demolition Inc.’s pool demolition blog. Many people are curious about the deep mysteries of pool demolition. So to satisfy your many requests, we are presenting a multi-part series that lays out how the pool demolition process works.

The start of every pool demolition project begins with the estimate that you receive when you have the S.K. Choppin Demolition team visit your house or apartment building. After that, if you the client are happy with our proposal, we’ll draft up and send over for signature the contract for the work we’ll do together on your pool demolition and landscape.

The real work begins with the prepartion and submittal of a demoltion permit application.

Here is a copy of a vanilla permit application:


Part of the prepartion of the application includes a site plan of your house and pool as they relate to the street and property lines of your property, and this is one of the reasons that we visit your property to take measurements:


Next we go into the plan check and permit process with the local city or county. For many, the local building department plan check counter is a place you may have never visited, and for some of us, who’ve done this a long time, it’s still a place of mystery (kidding). The folks who work the counter are all great people that want to help us get your permit for your pool demolition project. A typical building department plan check counter looks like this:


Last, after the plan check is complete, the fees are paid, a permit is issued, and an inspection permit card will be issued and they look something like this:

Demolition Permit


Permit Inspection Card


Of course when you work with our company, you will always receive a copy of the permit application, site plan, and a copy of the permit card once we complete the project.

Next week, we’ll talk pool demolition specifications, we’ll talk about mobilization of equipment, and the process of organizing the labor and equipment needed to start your pool demolition project. We’ll also talk about site access and why it’s so important when we do your estimate (and why we ask so many questions about it).

Thanks and we look forward to more pool demolition conversations. As always, we are here to help, answer your questions, and put together a proposal for pool demolition and landscape design/build to deliver your dream backyard. Feel free to give us a call at (562) 367-4777.