S.K. Choppin Demolition (SKCD) announces the recent completion of a pool demolition project in Highland, CA.

This project was unique in many ways, and therefore is best demonstrated through a series of 3 posts, showing the beginning, middle and end of the project. To start, this project was located on the San Manuel Indian Reservation in Highland, CA, necessitating significant coordination with the owners and the tribe in order to bring in the equipment needed to complete the project. The backfill dirt was located on the reservation and the tribe allowed the dirt to be utilized in the backfill portion of the demolition scope.

This project is the largest pool our company has ever completed, both in size, scope, and dollar amount of contract value. The pool measured over 2,100 s.f. of surface area. For comparison, a normal backyard swimming pool at your average home is around 400 s.f., making this pool 3 times larger than your average pool. As well, the depth of the pool was over 15 feet at the deep end, making this the deepest pool we’ve completed. Finally, the pool required 755 yards of backfill material. The normal residential pool required around 80-100 cubic yards.

To begin demonstrating the expertise needed for this project, we first give an overview to delineate the sheer massiveness and complexity of this pool. In later posts, we will include some of the scope of work exhibits drafted by S.K. Choppin to correctly delineate the demolition scope. This detailed scope of work document was needed as this pool required: one-half of the pool shell to be fully removed, the other half to remain, with the bond beam broken down approx. 5 feet below yard grade, and drainage holes located at the bottom of the area where the pool shell remained (deep end). As you will note, there is a major man-made rock slide directly adjacent to the western side of the pool (see photo), and SKCD designed the scope of work to protect the structural underpinning of the rock slide. We coordinated closely with the reservation’s soils engineering firm to achieve this. The balance of the photos outline the overall scope and nature of the unique pool demolition project. The process will be demonstrated in the next post on the project, please see Pool Demolition – Highland, CA Post #2.

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