S.K. Choppin Demolition announces the recent completion of a successful pool demolition project in Highland, CA. In Post #1 we gave an overview of the Highland pool demoltion project, in Post #2 we gave a video overview that we used to clarify the scope of work and communicate the project to our field staff. In this post, we will outline the beginning, middle, and end of the project, including photos of the concrete breaking that takes place at the start of the project and the backfill process. Finally, we will show the final results and the pictures of the completed projects.

First we begin to break the concrete bond beam and any areas of the pool that will removed entirely, which for this project was the entire shallow end of the pool. Here are the photos of that process:

Once the concrete breaking of the bond beam is completed and when some or all of that concrete is removed offsite and hauled to the recycling yard, we will begin the backfill process. In this case, we used a wheel loader in partnership with Quinn Caterpillar, and utilized soil already stockpiled at the location of the project.

Finally, we get to complete the project. Here are photos of the final results after bringing in over 700 cubic yards of backfill dirt.