Pool Demolition – thinking and information regarding drought and the choice for pool demolition

Our company, as a pool demolition services provider, is always on the lookout for timely and accurate information that can help our clients make an informed decision about pool demolition. The subject of this post is the latest conversation taking place regarding drought conditions in California and how that might effect your choice to move forward with pool demolition.


Bixby Hill Pool Demolition and Landscape Installation

Bixby Hill Pool Demolition Project

There has been much talk and discussion in the media about the drought and how it effects water usage habits in California. Our research indicates that pools are now becoming a subject of talk in regards to filling and refilling of new and existing pools. In the link here, you can find a comprehensive list of water districts and cities that have some opinion about your pool. Recently, many cities changed their practices related to refilling existing pools and filling new pools, and in fact, some cities prohibited that entirely. While this did take place, most cities ultimately and for the time being backed off of this hard position and allowed filling of pools to continue. For the time being, it appears that backyard pools in single family homes are reasoably safe. But in our opinion, given the long-term severity of the drought, it is highly likely to come back around in discussion, and if the drought continues prohibition of pool filling will likely come back. Think of the recent invoking and reversal of prohibitions as a “shot across the bow”, meaning politically the decision to prohibit filling may be a signal that cities and water districts used to prepare the pool owning public for the eventuality of no pool filling without significant cost or consequences.

Correctly managed, most pools use less water than your average lawn. Although our classic front yard lawns may be less acceptable in the future themselves. So manage your pool for the time being, use a pool cover, and repair leaks at the pool equipment (statistically this is the area of most water loss).

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Bixby Hill Pool Demolition and Landscape Project – Before and After